Why This Site?

First of all, this site is not to recommend any sort of treatment, or that you make your heath care decisions based on my opinions! I have high blood pressure and got interested in oral EDTA as a potential help for it because a friend of mine used it and said it worked for her. You should talk to your doctor and pharmacist!

From my reading on the web there maybe some potential benefits for Oral EDTA chelation..

  • lowering of blood pressure
  • lower cost than intravenous
  • It can help with intermittent claudication
  • reduceing angina pectoris — chest pains
  • controlling cholesterol

There are also reports of some drawbacks!

  • EDTA is very poorly absorbed by mouth
  • EDTA that remains within the digestive tract  mixes with undigested food and essential nutrients, causing them to pass on out of the body in stool
  • Oral EDTA does not deliver the high blood levels as the proven intravenous method

So! Read the articles I find and post here, and comment on them and offer your own links to relevant information!